Insights is the home of information, advice, opinion and best practice for those working in and around the recruitment and development of graduates and apprentices. Content is written by Institute of Student Employers, its members and guest experts.


How to Contribute

Insights couldn’t exist without its contributors, who we would like to thank. To get involved please email clare@ise.org.uk – include a synopsis of your idea and whether you are suggesting a blog, podcast or webinar.

Content must be original and not published online elsewhere. Topics should not be promotional but address the needs, fears, challenges and burning questions of our audience – all those working in student recruitment and development such as ISE members.

To advertise or sponsor content on Insights and for other paid-for opportunities visit the ISE Store.


Blog guidelines

  • Word count: 400-1,200 words
  • Include a short introduction, naming the author and company.
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Include sub-headings and use bullet points where relevant.
  • Use simple language – avoid jargon.
  • Check facts, quotes and data and link to the source within the copy.
  • Avoid footnotes – include references as you write.
  • Only use capital first letters for proper nouns, event and report names and job titles.
  • Lower case first letter – graduate, government, university, employer, supplier
  • Blogs are subject to approval by the Insights editorial team. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, consistency and length.
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