Modern Hire Launches Graduate Virtual Job Tryout

Sep 20, 2022 | Selection & assessment

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Modern Hire explains its latest assessment technology to improve graduate recruitment.

Like every other aspect of hiring, graduate recruiting has been completely upended over the past couple of years. It’s no longer a strictly in-person game – organizations have been able to extend their candidate reach to any university they choose.

But with the benefits of this extended reach come increased competition for the next generation of talent. Today’s graduates have grown up with technology at their fingertips – they’ve never known life without the Internet. Having lived through a recession and global pandemic has shaped what they are looking for both from their employer and their hiring process. This is a group that values flexibility and transparency, and your hiring process needs to be up to the task.

Even prior to the pandemic, many Modern Hire clients were meeting this challenge, using interview technology to drive efficiency gains through on-demand interviews or automated scheduling. Today, we’re excited to share our latest innovation in this space – our Graduate Virtual Job Tryout.

Modern Hire’s new Graduate Virtual Job Tryout is geared toward candidates with limited job experience who are just getting started in their careers. Rather than focus on a specific job, it’s designed to be used across a variety of entry-level roles. This science-based assessment will effectively predict job performance for this unique group of candidates, by measuring general competencies such as situational judgment, problem-solving, work style and more.

With this latest assessment, Modern Hire will help hiring teams drive a process that will meet the needs and expectations of today’s graduates.


Efficiency is Key

For Generation Z, the number one contributor to a negative candidate experience is a lack of communication – when candidates apply, they want to hear from your company in days, not weeks. Whether you’re inviting candidates to complete the Graduate Virtual Job Tryout or sending an interview scheduling request, Modern Hire lets you communicate with candidates quickly, and at scale.


An Effective Process for More Effective Hires

When candidates have similar backgrounds and experience, the Graduate Virtual Job Tryout makes it easier to identify those with the skills to succeed – and the potential to thrive tomorrow. Hiring the right candidates now leads to increased quality of hire and improved retention rates.


Be Engaging, Stand Out from The Crowd

Competition for the next generation of talent is tough – and your hiring process needs to differentiate your organization. The Graduate Virtual Job Tryout lets candidates engage in a series of job-relevant exercises that helps them learn more about your organization and if it’s a fit for them. You can also create a Realistic Job Preview personalized to your organization – give candidates a feel for what it is like to work there, who they might be working with, and the challenges and opportunities associated with the job.


Drive Fairness and Transparency

Modern Hire invests deeply in ethical selection science, and our AI and hiring automation are rooted in decades of data and practice. With the Graduate Virtual Job Tryout, you evaluate candidates based only on objective, job-relevant data, instead of relying on less objective standards such as a resume review.

To learn more about the Graduate Virtual Job Tryout and how Modern Hire can elevate your graduate recruiting, schedule a demo.


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