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Sep 2, 2021 | Selection & assessment

SRS has helped Mitsubishi to turn a traditional in-person assessment centre into a bustling and efficient online process.

This year SRS launched, a seamless and easy-to-use digital assessment centre platform that can help universities and employers take their student and candidate assessments online.

The platform executes personal and accurate digital assessments of any size, as well as streamlining and improving the experience of in-person assessment centres – when they’re finally able to go ahead again!

The platform has been used by Mitsubishi Chemical Europe to turn a traditional in-person assessment centre into a bustling and efficient online process, which involved interviews, presentations and a group exercise – all with bespoke activities based on their own scoring criteria.

Several consultations with Mitsubishi enabled SRS to understand the requirements and really pinpoint what they wanted to get out of the day. SRS created all the supporting materials and activities to accompany the day, as well as pre-event communications to introduce all stakeholders to the system – ensuring everyone was confident and informed before the day itself.

Whether you’re a tech wizard or a complete computer novice, the software is so user friendly that it made the training easy. Whether they were candidates, assessors or admins, all the users gave positive feedback on how accessible the platform is.
The assessment centres were run in November and December and were a huge success. However, there were a few challenges that had to be managed, including:

  • Being an international business, there were multiple time zones, different languages and line managers from various departments in various countries all accessing the system on the day of the event.
  • Mitsubishi required exercises to be marked by multiple assessors, which was easily accommodated by the platform.
  • All the different stakeholders needed training, which was undertaken in multiple sessions with admins and assessors prior to the event.

A major benefit of Mitsubishi using was that all the materials and schedules were populated in one place, and all of the candidate marking could be done quickly and easily.

Anna Garcia, Senior Manager HR, Mitsubishi Chemical Europe said:

“It was surprisingly easy to move our assessment centre online, even the group exercises. We received really positive feedback from both the assessors and the candidates regarding how easy it was to use the system. The assessors got to receive an automatically generated feedback report for their candidates, which saved them a lot of time and eliminated a lot of paperwork. The candidates seemed to find the process seamless. They had their own schedule and knew where they needed to be at any one time. We will definitely use virtual assessments again in the future, particularly for graduate recruitment.”

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