5 ways to improve early career and graduate recruitment

Jul 4, 2022 | Sector & policy

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Technology can improve efficiency and engagement in early career and graduate recruitment, explains Modern Hire.

When hiring for early career and graduate candidates, your team needs the capacity to adjust to the needs of the moment. You can build that capacity and find your best and brightest early career and graduate candidates by:

#1 Ensuring your team has the tools to efficiently screen, assess, and interview

Candidate pools of any size

With Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryout assessments and predictive analytics, your team can use data to enhance best-fit candidate selection and measurably reduce turnover.

They create, conduct, and score digital interviews using AI-driven question sets and science-based evaluations with Modern Hire’s Automated Interview Creator and Automated Interview Scoring.

Modern Hire allows your recruiting team to scale hiring workflows to every situation, including assessing up to 15,000 candidates per day while maintaining hiring experiences that satisfy candidates.

#2 Increasing speed through automation and new efficiencies

Modern Hire gives you the edge with speed to hire and friction-free experiences, so even if you can’t compete on wages, you’re still considered by top candidates. Capture and engage candidates immediately with personalised, time-saving experiences via their preferred mode of communication.

#3 Developing seamless, end-to-end flexible processes for job-specific workflows and hiring environment changes

Re-imagine your hiring process with flexible, easy-to-integrate technology and advanced selection science designed for better hiring experiences for your team, candidates, and organisation.

#4 Engaging everyone in the process – from your CHRO to candidates

  • Recruiters focus on talent, not tasks, with candidate self-scheduling, on-demand interactions, structured interviews, and automated scoring, reducing fill time by as many as three weeks. Hospitality industry leader Wyndham Destinations staffed 90% of open positions in one day for a new vacation property with Modern Hire.
  • Candidates decide when they want to engage and have multiple opportunities to showcase their job-relevant skills. Ninety-eight percent of candidates report a satisfying hiring experience with Modern Hire.
  • Hiring managers have confidence in a consistent, fair, and data-driven process with Modern Hire science-backed tools proven to reduce bias in hiring by more than 70%.


#5 Avoiding unintended bias and improving diversity hiring

Your recruiting team will build workflows with Modern Hire tools proven to reduce bias and increase fairness, such as text-based screening, Automated Interview Creator, Automated Interview Scoring, and Virtual Job Tryout assessments.

Unlike other solutions that claim to reduce bias, the Modern Hire platform is backed by advanced selection science and is trusted by more than 700 leading global enterprises and half the Fortune 100 to transform each step of their hiring process with screening, assessment, interview, and workflow automation tools.

Find out more about Modern Hire’s commitment to seriously better hiring at https://modernhire.com/

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