HSBC’s alumni network is driving retention and diversity

Sep 20, 2021 | Development

HSBC shares the success behind its award-winning post-programme alumni network, ConnectUs.

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The strategic intent for HSBC UK’s Emerging Talent programmes is to provide diverse, high potential talent that reflects and serves its customers and communities, helping to build a sustainable business.

HSBC UK won an ISE Award for its post programme alumni network, ConnectUs, which it launched to support its ambition to make people feel proud, help them progress their career and increase diversity within HSBC while ensuring staff retention

ConnectUs is a graduate and apprentice network run by alumni, for alumni. It provides the support alumni need to transition from their development programme and take control of their personal and professional development.  Members are validated annually to ensure engagement with an active population of alumni.

The objectives of ConnectUs are to ensure graduate and apprentice alumni are connected, self-leading, empowered and that they have a growth mindset.

ConnectUs key principles:

  • Network. Diverse and inclusive networking platform, allowing members to interact with emerging talent alumni with different levels of experience to broaden opportunities in the future.
  • Discover. Help members discover what they want for themselves and their career and development.
  • Connect. Provide a variety of events, tailored to the needs of the community, facilitating continuous development for alumni.

There are five pillars that make up ConnectUs and which are owned by members of the Committee and endorsed by its Global Graduate Sponsor and senior leader Ambassadors:

  1. Membership. New members are invited to a congratulations event to celebrate their accomplishment, learn about the proposition, participate in an exchange session and hear from motivational business speakers.
  2. Event Runway. Monthly activities include panel discussions, breakfast meetings, skills masterclasses, wellbeing initiatives and CSR events. There is also an annual conference.
  3. ET Ambassadors. Alumni become accredited Graduate/Internship Assessors and promote Emerging Talent programmes by being part of the Graduate Attraction Team.
  4. Mentorship. Existing members are matched to mentors based on career aspirations/experience and personal interests.
  5. ConnectUs Hub. An online community to enable better communication, networking and collaboration.  A fantastic example of social learning with member-generated blogs/vlogs, forums and a forthcoming job board.

Positive feedback from participants and stakeholders has enabled ongoing funding. Results have included improved post-programme performance, enhanced career trajectories onto its International Manager Programme and increased retention.

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