4 reasons why you should consider virtual onboarding

Oct 7, 2021 | Development

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Virtual onboarding became necessary due to Covid, Meet and Engage explain why you should consider it for the longer term.

There’s one aspect of the recruiting journey that often goes overlooked – that piece of the puzzle is onboarding.

According to the latest research, 58% of organisations say their onboarding programme still relies on outdated processes and paperwork. What’s more, a negative onboarding experience can double the chances of a new hire seeking out alternative opportunities.

Clearly, the cost of a poor onboarding experience can be profound. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Timeline, our virtual onboarding platform, is a flexible solution that can be fully customised to your employer brand identity, allowing you to build personalised social-style nurture journeys that feel intuitive, relevant and inspiring to different talent audiences.

In our newest white paper, we take a practical look at why you should create an automated virtual onboarding journey – and then break down the practicalities that show you exactly how this can be achieved.

This report is a must read for anyone that wants to:

  • Reduce reneges and get new hires work ready
  • Save time, resource and budget
  • Design a virtual onboarding experience to engage remote workforces


Benefits of virtual onboarding

Virtual onboarding can provide employers with a host of benefits that impact everything from employer brand to candidate experience to hiring and retention.

With Timeline’s fully customisable, automated features, employers can take this one step further and build nurture journeys that are unique to specific talent audiences.

Want to share a virtual welcome video from the recruiting team? Consider it done.

Need to send documents for a new hire to sign and return? This can easily be scheduled for a specific date and time. 

Looking to drip feed employer brand content to get new hires work ready for day one? Plan and automate this at your own pace. 

At a time when many new hires will be joining businesses remotely, possessing these capabilities can set your organisation apart and ensure people feel confident, excited and inspired before day one.

Below, we highlight some of the key benefits of virtual onboarding – 4 reasons why you should consider virtual onboarding now and in the future. We show how it can revolutionise your hiring function, elevate the candidate experience and bring your employer brand to life.

#1: Save time – Hiring teams and recruiters will know that time is a scarce resource. With our virtual onboarding platform, you can reduce unnecessary emails, cut down on paperwork and set up FAQ chatbots that answer questions 24/7. Thanks to Timeline’s automation features, all of these everyday tasks can be fully automated with the candidate in mind.

#2: Get new hires work ready – Virtual onboarding is an intelligent and highly-effective way to ensure new hires are confident and work ready before day one. Our platform allows you to schedule, automate and share relevant documents and employer brand content, so that new recruits have all the information they need, when they need it.

#3: Reduce reneges and save money – Hiring teams know that a poor onboarding experience can risk ostracising talent and even cause some people to drop out. By implementing a highly-engaging, personalised onboarding journey, employers can reduce renege rates and ensure that new hires feel fully supported through the joining process.

#4: Onboard talent anywhere in the world – Employers need to prepare for a world of work undefined by borders and physical location. With our virtual onboarding solution, organisations can create a standardised yet highly personalised onboarding experience that brings new talent into the business from all over the world.

Read more, and download the whitepaper in full, here.

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