How a single-purpose attraction campaign exceeded diversity targets

Oct 2, 2023 | Attraction & marketing, Case studies, Home Featured

A highly targeted, multifaceted attraction campaign exceeded diversity targets for a luxury car manufacturer, explains Katie Twist at Sanctuary Graduates.

In November 2022, a luxury car manufacturer (LCM) asked Sanctuary Graduates to design a 13-day campaign to drive 417 female applications before the deadline. LCM had received 395 female applications since opening in September and were targeting 800.

LCM & Sanctuary Graduates worked to overcome three main challenges in this attraction campaign:

• Driving applications to graduate programmes in a 13-day period (when applications closed)
• Recruiting diverse talent to an industry that often lacks diversity, especially regarding gender
• Ensuring that the female applications being driven were high quality to impact the gender split of hired candidates

Given the short timeframe it was imperative that all the attraction methods would have immediate impact to generate high quality female applications.

This goal was at the forefront of all decision making, planning and implementation of the campaign.

We used a wide range of attraction methods to create high quality female applications, aligning perfectly with LCM’s diversity mission.

In 13 days we generated 3,063 clicks and 574 female applications, 37.65% above target, increasing female applications from 25% to 29%.

How did we do it?

The process began with an in-depth briefing call where the vision and desired outcome of this campaign were discussed.

We created a robust support structure to ensure LCM were instilled with confidence that targets would be met, whilst LCM provided us with daily application updates to enable oversight of the direct impact of the digital attraction.

We then designed a 13-day campaign, created for the single purpose of driving high quality female applications to LCM.

To achieve the goals, each attraction method was adapted to target females, including:

• Calling over 800 well-suited female candidates on our database to discuss the opportunities and subsequently support them with their application.

• Sharing the roles with women on our database through detailed emails.

• Collaborating with our university partners to send targeted emails to eligible female students.

• Managing 4 LCM Career Ambassadors to utilise their university connections including promotion through female-focused societies, sports groups and other relevant university networks.

• 10 days spent headhunting ideal female candidates through LinkedIn.

• Working with two headhunters who promoted the LCM opportunities to their female networks.

We selected these methods due to their ability to directly target high-quality female applications in a short period of time, aligning perfectly with the original vision for this campaign.

What impact did we make?

Across the 13 days, Sanctuary Graduates generated 574 female applications – 157 above the target. Consequently, female applications increased from 25% to 29%.

The impact of this single purpose digital attraction campaign not only met the purpose and vision set out at the beginning of the campaign, but also overachieved on the original targets set by LCM.

As shown by the fantastic feedback from LCM below, the campaign had a huge impact on application diversity and quality which was achieved through the rigorous support provided by Sanctuary Graduates.

We were extremely proud to be awarded the 2023 ISE Award for Best Single Purpose Attraction Activation, and would love to work with someone else to win the 2024 award!

The recruitment marketing manager at LCM said, “Smashed it! Thank you so much for all your help and focus on this. Fantastic team work! Much appreciation to you and your team for all your efforts to get us over the line.”

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