How Arm and Uptree are engaging school students in STEM careers

Jul 27, 2022 | Apprentices & school leaver

Arm has been working with Uptree to help level the playing field and engage a younger generation in STEM careers.

The partnership between Arm and Uptree is now in its four year and is benefiting the company directly whilst contributing to the wider STEM ecosystem.

Their collaboration to engage school students in STEM careers was recently recognised at the ISE Awards as an ‘Outstanding Employer and Supplier Development Partnership’.

Bespoke outreach

Keen to build brand awareness amongst the next generation of professionals, Arm took advice from Uptree and focused on reaching students in schools at a time when they’re thinking about their futures.

Uptree was able to deliver school assemblies and workshops to educate and inspire students into considering a career within technology, highlighting specific opportunities and career paths available with Arm. Interested students are given the opportunity to apply for virtual and in-person insights events and complete online lessons for further insight.

Outside of the classroom, Uptree’s Careers Learning Platform (CLP) shines a light on Arm as an employer, with online lessons delving into Arm’s values, example job descriptions and apprenticeship application guidance.

Harnessing the power of role models

A particular focus was put on engaging young female students, a group currently underrepresented within the wider technology industry. An absence of STEM role models makes it difficult for female students to recognise technology as a viable career path, which Arm and Uptree want to address.

Volunteers have been an essential part of work experience events delivered by Arm, with their employees acting as role models who give students the confidence to see themselves working at a company like Arm in the future.

Since 2018, almost 400 employees have given over 300 hours of volunteering across in-person and virtual events, helping to support young people in their career development.

Changing student perceptions

Data collated from students who attended Arm insights events showcase how their careers knowledge and development and improved:

  • In 2021, feedback from students revealed events have significantly changed their opinion of Arm as an employer with 85% stating they consider Arm to be a ‘very attractive’ or an ‘extremely attractive’ employer – a 608.3% increase compared to their feelings before the events.
  • Data from the same year also shows that young people’s attitudes towards applying for a role at Arm has changed with 88% stating they would consider applying for a role – a 100% increase compared to the start of the events.

A student at an insights event sums up their experience by saying, “This event has improved my views on STEM careers as they have made the whole industry become more fun and enjoyable than it originally seemed and it further encouraged me to head into the STEM field.”

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