Our top 10 webinars of 2020

Feb 2, 2021 | Sector & policy

Have a feeling you may have missed something? Catch up with our most watched student recruitment and development webinars of 2020.

ISE webinars took off in a big way in 2020. Members’ appetite to connect and share heightened as they looked for ways to adapt their programmes and activities in light of the pandemic.

Responding to the hot topics of the moment and the needs of our membership, we formed expert panels and shared the latest data as well as offered best practice ideas and guidance.


Here’s our top 10 student recruitment and development webinars of 2020

10. With diversity programmes disrupted, June saw a growing concern that the crisis would disproportionality affect disadvantaged groups. Clifford Chance, the Civil Service Fast Stream, the Social Mobility Foundation and Rare got together to discuss how they were responding. Watch ISE Social Mobility Webinar

9. We were joined by Saj Jetha of The Smarty Train at the end of March to talk crisis management and what we could learn from previous experiences. This interactive webinar offered quick and actionable steps that organisations could take to help them navigate the Coronavirus outbreak. Watch ISE + The Smarty Train webinar: 10 Tips to Navigate Coronavirus right NOW

8. The student voice took centre stage in June as we looked to better understand the perspective of young people. Students Caitlin McHale, Thomas Butler and Priyanka Patel joined Ben Triggs of Bright Network to explain thoughts on future careers and campus life. Watch Careers, campus and Covid 19 – hear the student voice

7. Throughout the pandemic ISE’s Tristram Hooley has been providing regular updates in his Covid Bulletin on the latest data and policy impacting student recruitment and early careers. In early April, he provided a summary webinar with the opportunity for members to ask questions. Watch COVID-19 Update

6. As part of the Black Lives Matter movement, ISE urged members to assess and address the discrimination within student and graduate recruitment. Why aren’t we hiring more black students? Femi Bola MBE, James Adeleke and Darius Norell discussed the ideal and what actions are necessary. Watch Can I call you Margaret?

5. In June our thoughts turned to autumn and how the recruitment season would be different. Amelia Donaldson from Siemens, Lizzie Darlington from the LSE and Andrew Baird from Blackbridge Communications considered virtual strategies for student engagement on campus. Watch A virtual autumn? Campus marketing webinar

4. In November ISE launched its annual student recruitment survey. Eagerly anticipated, this webinar with ISE’s Tristram Hooley, gave the data behind what had changed and why. Watch Student recruitment survey 2020: Challenge and resilience in the year of Covid-19

3. Work placements and internships have been one of the most hotly debated topics of 2020. Entry-level talent consultant Jayne Cullen explored virtual work experience solutions with AON, Clifford Chance, EY and IBM. Watch How employers are delivering virtual internship and placement solutions

2. With members hungry for data, there are few surprises that the ISE’s research has taken the top two most-watched webinar spots. Coming in second place was the impact of the crisis on student recruitment and development research webinar with ISE’s Tristram Hooley and Gabi Binnie from AGCAS. Watch Down but not out! The response of student employers to Covid-19

1. We were among the first organisations to supply industry data on the impact of Covid-19. Tristram Hooley discusses his findings on how recruitment volumes, internships, assessments and onboarding would be affected. Watch COVID-19: Challenges for student recruitment and development

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