News Digest #12: Mental health support more important than salary, workforce crisis and navigating long covid. What’s happening in the world in July?

Jul 28, 2022 | News, Sector & policy

Graduate development and recruitment

What to Do If Your Team Doesn’t Want to Go Back to the Office? Managers continue to find themselves caught in the middle between employees who want to keep working from home and senior leaders who want everyone back at their desks. How can you navigate this tension?

‘I’d rather have mental health support at work than a high salary’. Gen Z job seekers are seeking perks such as counselling and gym memberships rather than better pay.


Buckingham University shows how we can fight the culture war. Its increasingly active support for free speech and academic freedom is earning it a reputation as a pioneer for liberty.

Woman says ‘you’re never too old’ as she gets a masters degree at the age of 83

Norah Button, 83, has just received a masters degree from Liverpool John Moores University. She described it as ‘an incredible journey’, saying she hopes to inspire other people with her story.

Labour market

Recruitment drives alone won’t fix the NHS staffing crisis. Anas Nader says the focus should be on retention, while Amanda Grantham looks to volunteer helpers. Plus Jeremy Seymour on early retirement and Dr Sharon Holland on apprenticeships.

Three UK Tech Hubs You Can Get A Job In Right Now. Remote working has opened up possibilities for the way we work like never before. Lots of us are (re)thinking the way we work, and a move can be an attractive possibility.

‘NHS faces greatest workforce crisis in history due to 12 years of Tory neglect’. ‘Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are desperate to distance themselves from this damning record, but the fact is that their fingerprints are all over it,’ says Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting.

Tech staff left out in the cold. After decades of stellar growth, the technology sector is feeling the chill wind of a global recession and a raft of enforced redundancies.


UK energy bills forecast to hit £3,850 as Russia cuts gas supply further. Consumers also warned bills of more than £3,500 a year could last ‘well into’ 2024.

Long Covid to leave lasting mark on UK economy, says IFS. Workers losing total of £1.5bn a month as a result of chronic illness, a think-tank finds.

Startling new figures reveal the real reason why bosses can’t get staff as the ‘great resignation’ arrives in Australia.

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