Helping marginalised early talent to flourish at work

Sep 18, 2023 | Development, Home Featured, Webinars

A webinar with University of East London offers advice and key principles for supporting disadvantaged talent at work.

Every employee needs to feel safe, connected and in control in their workplace. This can be harder for those who are marginalised in society, and they could be more likely to disengage or leave.

Employers can reduce this risk by understanding more about how people experience their workplace and by an openness to different ways of doing things.

A new handbook launched early this year with support from ISE – Support Early Talent to Flourish.

This essential tool will help early talent teams and line managers better support people from disadvantaged backgrounds so they can flourish in their roles.

The topic was discussed in an ISE webinar with handbook authors Dr Emma Davies and Cherise Basslian from University of East London (UEL).

As well as explaining the research and principles behind the handbook, they share experiences at UEL.

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