Webinar: Can I call you Margaret? Black Lives Matter Webinar

Jul 9, 2020 | Diversity | 0 comments

The person asked this question was called Suki, apparently a name too difficult to pronounce. The death of George Floyd has emboldened people to call out the racism they have experienced in the workplace. Racial discrimination is a problem within graduate recruitment and it’s no longer enough to blame the education system and say we’d recruit more Black students if the talent was out there.

To be on the right side of history, employers and universities need to act to drive concrete change to who gets hired and gets on. A ‘we are committed to…’ statement isn’t enough anymore.

There are many opportunities for employers to take a more proactive approach to recruiting Black students, but how many take them? Boldness to change who gets hired and genuine experiments with recruitment and selection are sorely lacking. So let’s not start at the same place we always do with the same old conversation. Let’s start at the end:

What would your ideal be?
What are the real actions we need to take?

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