What makes good employer engagement in schools?

Jan 3, 2024 | Apprentices & school leaver, Home Featured, Webinars

A group of experts discuss careers guidance in schools and how employers can be most effective.

Career guidance in schools isn’t just about helping people get onto a course or their first job. It’s an ecosystem that brings together schools, employers, students and their support networks to help people make a purposeful next step in a positive direction.

Our latest webinar on careers education in schools considers what makes good employer engagement.

With a couple of employers, a careers leader, and a career policy expert, it shares some great examples of how schools and employers are working together plus how the government can improve the UK careers ecosystem.

The expert panel includes Rakhi Taylor, head of talent acquisition and development at BGC Group, Stephanie Bishop, emerging careers lead at Direct Line Group, Donna Mason, careers leader at Roding Valley High School and Tristram Hooley, professor of careers education at University of Derby.



What you’ll gain from the webinar:

  • The context of how careers provision works in schools from The Gatsby Benchmarks to the people responsible for delivering guidance and the support network available.
  • Understanding the outcome of the parliamentary inquiry that hoped to shake up the provision of career guidance in England and the recent Ofsted thematic review of careers guidance.
  • While steps have been taken to improve career guidance in schools there’s still more to be done, the webinar covers the Careers Guidance Guarantee which includes six areas that the ISE as part of the policy group are involved in lobbying.
  • Employer actions to improve careers guidance such as working closely with schools and colleges, providing funding for intermediaries and brokers and lobbying government and the political parties to improve the system.
  • Employer perspectives – the challenges and what they’re doing to engage with schools including efficient delivery of messaging to high volumes
  • Schools perspective – what they’re trying to achieve focused on a successful outcome for every student regardless of career journey they’re interested in.
  • From mock interviews and employer talks to careers fairs – what works well and resonates with students.

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