Covid-19 bulletin #9

May 21, 2020 | Sector & policy

This is the ninth of a series of bulletins produced by ISE to update members on key data and policy on Covid-19. This bulletin just covers the period 14/05/2020-20/05/2020.

You can access all of the Covid-19 bulletins on the ISE website.

Data taken from Wikipedia.


Politics and policy






Labour market


The student labour market

Data from Covid-19: The impact of the crisis on student recruitment and development. New report from ISE. See also the blog post from Tristram Hooley and Gabi Binnie and reporting in The Guardian.


Student recruitment


Covid-19 at work


Employer insights

The following insights are based on ISE’s interactions with employers during the period covered by this briefing.

  • Start dates. Some firms are pushing start dates back to January, others are still hoping to start in September.
  • Induction. Many firms are delivering online/virtual inductions. But they are still figuring out exactly how to do this and what are the best tools to use. Not all firms feel that this approach will work for them.
  • Campus activity. Many firms are anticipating moving this activity online.
  • Virtual careers fairs. Firms are talking to a range of national providers to deliver national virtual careers. There is less enthusiasm for working with institution specific fairs.
  • Virtual internships. Many firms have transferred their internship schemes online. Some firms are trying to use virtual internships as part of the assessment of candidates.
  • School engagement. A lot of firms are looking to delay their school engagement or to deliver some of it virtually.
  • Tech poverty and digital access are a key new dimension for diversity and inclusion. Many universities have a lot of capacity to provide support for students in this area.
  • Salaries are likely to be fairly stagnant across early careers in the sector.
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