News digest #7

Apr 21, 2022 | Sector & policy

Student recruitment and development

Universities UK report says 15m graduates working in a labour market that offers 16m graduate-level roles, as new study shows that UK graduate jobs outnumbered graduates by 1m in 2020  

A perfect storm of macro-level factors including the launch of the graduate route post-study work visa, a global pandemic and a digital revolution, have conspired to boost UK international student numbers to record levels 10 years ahead of target, however now as the world continues to open up, the UK university application enquiries fall by 35% 

The path to becoming a doctor is ‘like a game, and rural kids don’t know the rules’ says one GP, prompting the question – would more country students studying medicine help solve rural doctor shortage?

Labour market

Employers are considering how best to retain their talent in the face of the UK wage squeeze that continues to happen. Many are speculating how the 40-year high inflation will impact the labour market.

Many experts believe upskilling is urgent – but most people don’t know where to start. Fortunately, there are many ways to hone your skills. Many are starting to ask what does ‘upskilling’ mean for the future of work?


New research at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), commissioned by the Department for Education, examines the financial benefit associated with different degree classifications. They have found that the degree marks matter more than university for future earnings.

Stirling University ditches the Regency author Jane Austen in favour of works by the African-American writer Toni Morrison, as UK Universities increasingly attempt to ‘decolonise the curriculum’.


Britain faces slower economic growth and more persistent inflation than any other major economy next year, the International Monetary Fund forecast on Tuesday as part of a broader downgrade to global growth prospects, with UK economic growth slowing to weakest in G7.

Helping entrepreneurs start, grow, and renew their businesses is one of the most important interventions that any local, regional or national government can take to help create jobs and raise living standards, especially within more deprived communities. That’s why experts are suggesting that entrepreneurship needs to be at the forefront of economic policy in the UK.



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