News Digest #5

Mar 23, 2022 | Sector & policy

Student recruitment and development

Experts from the NextGen UK project share top tips for young people struggling to find work after education, including avoiding clichés, not underselling yourself and where to find jobs.

Unemployment for young people has increased by 13%, with many students seeking work experience as an alternative to full time jobs.

Our CEO Stephen Isherwood was quoted talking about how apprentice training routes deliver an important source of tech talent to fill the ever increasing technical skills gaps.


Labour market

A Black worker sued Google due to the company favouring white men for leadership roles and forcing security to stop Black employees at its Silicon Valley headquarters.

A consortium of companies in the UK say they can help and offer refugees new jobs with more than 100 British businesses offer jobs to Ukrainian refugees including Iceland, Tesco, AstraZeneca and Aldi among UK first that signup.

P&O receive much warranted criticism over their shocking treatment of workers, as they abruptly sack 800 workers.


Thousands of students drop out of university as pandemic takes its toll, new figures show 18,000 students withdrew from courses by February, an increase of more than 4,000 from 2021.

Teacher salaries are set to increase to a starting salary of £30,000 to ensuring “we keep those great teachers delivery on our manifesto commitments” notes Nadhim Zahawi, secretary of state education.

The number of Chinese students studying at Universities in the UK is set to rise by 70% by 2030, new report finds.

Governments across Europe are best trying to prepare for the influx of Ukrainian refugees by understanding how to increase English lessons and English language assessments for Ukrainian refugees hoping to learn or develop their skills.

Education providers in Australia are being warned that they need to train millions of workers with better IT skills in just a few years, or face a huge skill shortage by 2025. Without extra training, there could be a big push to “import talent” potentially leading to talent shortages around the world if the millions of people needed in the Australian tech industry move from Europe and America.


Millions of people will be forced to pay more on their student loans under a “stealth tax rise” after April 6, with IFS senior economist Ben Waltmann saying it was “a further hit to real incomes”, as it “effectively constitutes a tax rise by stealth on graduates”. This occurs against a backdrop of 30-year high inflation in the UK, as cost of living squeeze deepens, as inflation rose steeply in February to 6.2% in the UK.  

Rishi Sunak is expected to set aside a large part of the windfall in UK public finances from the £20bn deficit this year, risking backlash from Tory MPs who want the chancellor to use all funds available to cushion the cost of living crisis hurting British families.

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