Covid bulletin #62: Skills shortages emerge

Sep 16, 2021 | Sector & policy

This is the 62nd of a series of bulletins produced by ISE to update members on key data and policy related to Covid-19. This bulletin covers the period 3rd September – 16th September 2021.

You can access all of the Covid-19 bulletins on ISE insights.

Latest COVID-19 data

Data taken from Wikipedia and from the government’s Covid-19 dashboard.

The UK has now had over 7.3 million identified Covid-19 cases and 157,000 deaths (with Covid on the death certificate).

The number of new cases and deaths is continuing to rise every week.

Covid news

Data from the government’s Covid-19 dashboard.


The economy

The labour market

Drawn from government data on unemployment and NEET levels.

Changing patterns of work

Student recruitment and development

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