Covid bulletin #49: A year in lockdown

Mar 18, 2021 | Sector & policy

This is the 49th of a series of bulletins produced by ISE to update members on key data and policy related to Covid-19. This bulletin covers the period 11th March – 17th March 2021.

You can access all of the Covid-19 bulletins on ISE insights.

Latest Covid-19 data

Data taken from Wikipedia and from the government’s Covid-19 dashboard.

The UK has now had over 4.3 million identified Covid-19 cases and 146,000 deaths (with Covid on the death certificate). The R rate is estimated to be between 0.6 and 0.8 with the daily infection rate shrinking by between 4% and 7%.

The number of cases and the number of deaths have been falling for nine weeks. The number of new cases is now well below the October average although it is still considerably higher than it was at the end of the summer. The number of deaths has also been dropping for six weeks and is now below the November level.


Covid news

Data from the government’s Covid-19 dashboard.




The economy


The labour market


Changing patterns of work


Student recruitment and development

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