Book review: Recalculating

Jun 2, 2021 | Sector & policy

‘Recalculating – navigate your career through the changing world of work’ is reviewed by ISE’s Stephen Isherwood.

Every so often we come across someone whose content works for everyone involved in student recruitment and development, but also speaks to our individual development. Lindsey Pollak’s new book, Recalculating does just that, which is why Lindsey is a keynote speaker at the ISE Recruitment Conference on 30 June.

Although spring has finally arrived in the UK, growth in the jobs market is still sporadic. Graduate and lateral hiring is strong in some sectors, weak or non-existent in others. The pandemic is forcing many students to re-evaluate their career plans. Which is why Recalculating is essential reading for everyone involved in recruitment, development, and careers.

Although written for an American audience, the issues we’ve experienced over the last fourteen months, and those the book addresses, are global. Lindsey may say GPS where we say Satnav, but the recalculating metaphor very accurately describes how many students (and those established in a career) are reassessing their career goals and career actions.

You don’t get onto the New York Times best seller list without something interesting to say and an impressive address book. Anecdotes from Lindsey’s extensive experience in the careers space and influential contacts make her advice readable and authentic.
Concepts like networking, which can be daunting to students, are made understandable. Lindsey’s authentic knowledge of digital channels (she was a LinkedIn Ambassador for six years working with thousands of students) means her advice on profiling and connecting through social media is spot-on and current.

Because of the pandemic, we know that for many more students who do get a job, it will not quite be the one they dreamed of. The ‘turn any job into a great job’ chapter will help them make the most of opportunities around them. And Lindsey’s advice equally applies to casual work, volunteering, and work experience opportunities.

With applications per vacancy at record levels, the jobs market is tough. The rules of student recruitment have also changed – who would have predicted twelve months ago that employers would hire an entire graduate intake without ever meeting them all in person. Because this book was written during the pandemic, the book covers the latest employer recruitment techniques. Lindsey’s essential tips on preparing for virtual recruitment are required reading for all students.

Every student should also have Lindsey’s quote, ‘Do not pass go as a job seeker without visiting your career centre’, embossed on their ID card.

You can order Recalculating now on Amazon.

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