ISE’s 10 most viewed blogs of 2023

Dec 14, 2023 | Home Featured, News, Sector & policy

As 2023 comes to a close we look back at our most popular content of the year.

10. What do employers think about international students?
International students have become one of the most hotly debated topics of 2023. ISE worked with HEPI to build a picture of employer views of the visa regime.

9. 3 predictions for the graduate labour market in 2023
At the start of the year Charlie Ball, head of labour market intelligence for Prospects at Jisc, did a spot of crystal ball gazing. Did his predictions come true?

8. Students reject corporate swag
Sustainable considerations run through all aspects of life. Here we see how free merchandise offered by employers at careers events is a big turn off for students who are favouring more environmentally friendly options.

7. What employers need to know about Gen Z in 2023
Employers are keen to understand student needs, wants and values, so it’s not surprising that coming in at 6th and 7th place are two pieces of research into just that. Here we see SMRS delve into their Gen Z findings.

6. What do young people want for their future careers?
And the 2023 survey by Uptree offers data as well as advice on how young people feel about their careers and jobs.

5. What is the average graduate salary?
A cost-of-living crisis put money on the minds of many. ISE’s Student Recruitment Survey provides an annual benchmark of what employers pay people starting graduate jobs, by sector and by region.

4. What is the retention rate for graduates and apprentices over five years?
A fallout of Covid was the Great Resignation and retention trends and insights continue to be among the most-read content on ISE Insights.

3. 5 competencies graduates need to thrive in the modern workplace
The rise of remote work and the speed of technological advancement are just a couple of reasons why the competencies we need to thrive in the workplace have changed. This blog by Sten10 looks at what’s needed and what employers want.

2. What the university marking boycott means for employers and graduates
The last couple of summers have seen ongoing disputes over pay and conditions resulting in strike action. This year triple the number of universities took part, so members were keen to understand the impact.

1. How will early careers recruitment change over the next five years?
Student employers have their eye firmly on the future as the top spot for 2023 goes to ISE’s Student Recruitment Survey, which revealed how early careers recruitment is changing and what the future holds.

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