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Apr 10, 2024 | Development, Home Featured, News

Ahead of ISE’s Student Development Conference 2024, we take a look at our 10 most popular blogs on development programmes.

10. Setting early talent up for success in a hybrid world
No surprise that hybrid working is a common theme throughout our top 10 development blogs.

At last year’s conference Interaction Learning and Development looked at the support needed to help early talent thrive at hybrid working. Join them again at this year’s event where they will be covering how to support early talent to bridge the attitudes and behaviours gap between study and employment.

9. How Unlocked Graduates won ISE Graduate Development Programme of the Year
ISE’s annual awards recognise those who are leading the way in all things student recruitment and development. Last year’s award for graduate development went to Unlocked Graduates, this is how they did it.

8. The Class of 2030: Preparing for the unknown
For graduates to succeed in 2030, their ability to generate experiences, experiment, observe, reflect, learn, and reapply themselves in new situations will be paramount.

Ashorne Hill explores the role of graduate development programmes and whether they need to be reassessed.

7. How hybrid working is impacting development programmes
One of the most valuable themes to come out of last year’s ISE Student Development Survey was how employers are managing hybrid working, including the challenges they face as well as solutions. This blog shares the highlights and analysis from the researchers.

For the latest survey findings join us at the forthcoming Development Conference on 23 April.

6. How to mitigate early talent anxiety and manage perfectionists
The School of Life considers the complexities of perfectionism including strategies to harness its power without succumbing to its pressures.

You can meet the team at this year’s Development Conference where they will share the latest research on ‘purpose’ and its significance in today’s workforce, especially for those early on in their careers.

5. Is the communication skills gap increasing?
The skills employers expect from those leaving education don’t always match with the reality. GTI explores the communications skills gap and how to close it.

The theme opened last year’s Student Recruitment Conference. This year’s event is headlined by bestselling author and technology leader Bruce Daisley and is now open for registration.

4. Do young people like hybrid and remote work?
Research by Prospects at Jisc revealed insight to how young people find hybrid and remote work. Here you’ll find the benefits as well as their challenges.

3. 4 critical skills graduates need to thrive in a hybrid work environment
ISE’s Georgia Greer explores the employer and graduate perspectives on hybrid work, identifying key skills that are essential to develop to ensure they thrive.

2. Graduate programmes and apprenticeships now hybrid, but mental health issues increase
Last year’s Student Development survey launched with new data on hybrid work, the impact on skills and mental health.

For the latest survey findings join us at the forthcoming Development Conference on 23 April.

1. 5 competencies graduates need to thrive in the modern workplace
Psychology consultancy Sten10 considers how economic changes, technological developments, automation and globalisation are driving significant shifts in the workplace. These shifts mean graduates need to develop certain skills and abilities to thrive.

Join Sten 10 and Gradconsult at this year’s Student Development Conference where they will be sharing a research and psychology-based approach to bridging the gap between education and employment.

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