What learning experiences do Gen Z love?

Jun 4, 2024 | Development, Home Featured, Research

New research helps employers drive learning experiences that Gen Z love, explains Jasmine Barrett at Amberjack.

Understanding Generation Z is easier said than done. For early careers employers it’s critical to have an in-depth knowledge of the audience you’re trying to attract and develop to achieve the best results.

This is why at Amberjack we established our Gen Z Advisory Board and invited four members to sit on our panel at the ISE Student Development Conference 2024.

These four panelists with varying backgrounds, ranging from graduates and Masters students to apprentices, along with our Learning and Development Manager, Neave Taylor, and Account Director, Jenny Fitzgerald, dove into Gen Z’s thoughts on learning and development, and how organisations can support early talent.

With data from Amberjack’s recent research to drive meaningful learning experiences, the session provided insightful takeaways for attendees.

Biggest concerns

One of the biggest takeaways was that, when preparing for the world of work, Gen Z’s biggest concerns about starting a new job or programme are about having the right skills and experience (59% voted this as the biggest concern), and meeting expectations (42% voted this as the biggest concern).

These stats make it easy to see why 71% of students view the career decision making process as a source of stress.

Learning preferences

For organisations looking to expand their early talent, findings from our Gen Z Learning and Development Report are important to consider.

The majority (84%) of Gen Z prefer classroom and in-person learning to virtual learning! This is significant for the world’s most online generation, and points to the value that Gen Z find in face-to-face time, especially after the Covid-19 Pandemic, and being forced to connect virtually, as raised by our

Gen Z panellists.

Similarly impacted by Covid-19, mental health has been pinpointed as one of Gen Z’s greatest concerns. The current talent pool entering your workforce want to learn about managing anxiety and mental health in a corporate environment.

Favoured channels

Our session at the ISE Conference highlighted the top considerations for employers, exploring what can be done to help their newest employees reach their full potential.

Our panellists expressed that mentoring and buddy programmes were one of the most appreciated channels of support on their end, as well as ensuring that any virtual content provides the same value as face-to-face sessions by utilising engaging interactions.

This can be achieved with targeted learning and development sessions, developed with your organisation’s goals and values at the heart, to bring your brand to your new hires and provide them with the tools to succeed. Gen Z want to learn, develop, and climb the ladder of success… help them do it.

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