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Sova is precision talent assessment software for inhouse recruitment teams. It transforms assessment with a cutting-edge, configurable platform that marries scientific accuracy with innovative technology. We streamline your hiring process, providing insightful, data-driven evaluations while ensuring an engaging, fair candidate experience.


With a robust portfolio of over 120 enterprise-level client Sova has assessed more than 2.5 million candidates across various sectors in over 20 countries. Our unique approach sets us apart from conventional online assessment platforms. Sova's solutions are tailor-made, built around the specific needs and roles of each organisation, enabling our clients to design and execute their very own candidate experience within a singular, comprehensive assessment platform.

Sova's platform is underpinned by the principles of organisational psychology, ensuring our assessments are not only scientifically robust but also deliver fair and equitable outcomes without compromise.

Choosing Sova means elevating your talent strategy, fostering diversity, and making smarter, more efficient hiring decisions. We acknowledge the complexities and challenges inherent in talent assessment and offer a fully customisable platform that empowers clients to make accurate, fair, and data-driven decisions.

At Sova, we are not just streamlining hiring processes; we are transforming them into a strategic advantage for organisations worldwide. Our commitment to customisation, scientific integrity, and an exceptional candidate experience makes Sova the partner of choice for organisations aiming to lead in their respective industries through innovative talent strategies.

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The Sova platform is now an integral part of our volume hiring process and provides candidates with a far superior experience. The feedback from candidates is invaluable and we continue to work closely with the Sova team to enhance the platform and sharpen our processes for the future - Helen Williams, Talent Acquisition Manager and Project Lead, TUI​

Since hiring through Sova I have found our overall talent acquisition process has really improved, especially when it comes to interviewing and reviewing interviews for candidates going through the process. The improvements I have noticed immediately include having all the interview tools in one place which are simple and easy to access, this saves time creating copies in new folders saved on different peoples’ Google drives and it also means whoever wants to be involved in the interview process can have all the info needed to make a hiring decision at the tip of their hands all the time - Matt Godwin (MIRP CertRP) Candidate Sourcing Team at Randstad Public Services

Feedback on the recruitment journey has been really, really, positive. Even with the move to remote it is exponentially better. Candidates feel more connected to Vodafone. They are kept informed, they can contact us at the touch of a button, they can really see how the questions reflect what we are looking for. The online assessment also sets them up for success at the assessment centre- Aidan McCarthy, Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand

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