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Rewriting the Code is a global network founded in 2017 to empower women in technology with equal opportunities, professional advancement, and sustainable careers. With a community of over 23,000 college and early-career women in tech, RTC offers mentorship, funding, scholarships, resources, education, and year-round events in collaboration with corporate partners. Joining the community is free, and access to our programs and opportunities is never charged.

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Jessica Furness

"Being the first in my family to pursue higher education added layers of complexity to my career path, and finding a community that recognized and supported those unique needs was empowering. Rewriting the Code not only provided technical guidance and industry insights but also created a sense of belonging that transcended typical professional networks. The workshops, mentoring, and resources I accessed through the community were tailored to the unique challenges I faced, from navigating the tech industry as a woman to finding my footing as a first-generation college student." - Cecilia F., RTC member

Salesforce is very happy to be partnered with Rewriting the Code to support the career development and career journeys for women in tech! We’ve had an amazing experience with their organization and leadership team from pre- to post-events and general engagement planning. We have appreciated how seamless their team operates, how swiftly the RTC team responds to any questions, and how engaged their members continue to be. We are very excited to continue this partnership! So far a highlight has been the virtual fall career fair where we were able to connect with so many student members and build a strong pipeline of candidates to our internship and New Grad roles." - Minji Amerault, University Recruiter @ Salesforce

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23,000+ members across 110+ countries