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Apprentice Development and Training, Graduate Development and Training

Potential in Me CIC is a social enterprise, and we specialise in understanding and working with young people and those who manage them. We support the building of positive relationships, enhancing performance and wellbeing.

We equip managers to understand their young people better, motivate and communicate effectively to facilitate their development and encourage a culture where intergenerational teams can thrive.

How do we do this?
- through our understanding and experience of working with young people to develop programmes that are evidence-based, inclusive, engaging and challenge thinking
- design and deliver relevant, interactive, and bespoke programmes to support the outcomes of your organisation and your people. That may be workshops, coaching or consultancy support
- coaching approach creating safe spaces and encouraging engagement
- support individuals to take accountability for positive sustainable change
- support organisations to build in-house capacity to sustain change

Why us?
- outcomes that evidence increased employee retention
- statistics to evidence increased resilience and wellbeing
- positive feedback and ongoing relationships with existing clients

Main Contact
Scott Hay

"I learned as a manager to take a step back from hand holding and micro-managing at the right time. I'm much more effective when it comes to giving responsibility and empowerment" (manager testimonial)

"I really enjoyed the models you shared to help me navigate my career. They got me thinking not just about what I want from my career but also what I want from my life!" (apprentice testimonial)

"Working in teams it was very helpful to think more about who we are and how we are at work. We tend to focus more on the doing of tasks without thinking about who/how we are 'being' every day. It's had a direct impact on my performance and wellbeing" (apprentice feedback)