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Fresh out of university and already shaking things up, Nestwork is the product of recent graduates who understood the struggles of landing a job. Despite being a startup, Nestwork has already partnered with big names like Samsung, GSK, and Grant Thornton.

Venture capital backing in early 2023 skyrocketed users to 5,000 within 6 months of the platform opening. And it's no surprise – Nestwork offers students real value, far exceeding what's currently out there. Students get a winning combo: a powerful set of AI tools to improve the quality of their applications and a community of peers willingly sharing their successes and failures.

The AI Magic… Nestwork has released two blockbuster AI products which have been the driver behind their user growth. The first, is a CV tool that will offer improvements based on the specific job description. The second ‘a Tinder for jobs’, Nestwork Match allows students to describe their ideal role in natural language and receive tailored options.

The value to students doesn’t stop there, Nestwork’s Community tools: ‘Behind the Offer’ and ‘Inside the Offer’ offer a step-by-step breakdown of how to get into a role and then what it’s really like on a day-to-day basis.

Their range of features creates a space where students are confident about being contacted by partner employers. Think about a tested 98% open rate on their AI candidate outreach method (talk about getting noticed!) and an opportunity for promoted positioning on the Job Matcher which saw 2,000 clicks on Apply within its first two weeks.

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Sam Turnpenny (Early Talent Attraction Lead at Accenture) - What I love about Nestwork is that it's created by students for students. The team really understand what students are looking for in the early careers space and are building something that meets the needs of today's Gen Z audience. As recruiters and employers, we must not underestimate the power of students coming together to give peer-to-peer support. Students listen to each other in way that can be far more powerful than our carefully curated marketing collateral. What the team are building is something that could radically disrupt the early careers space over the next few years. The ability for students to have open conversations with graduate hires has the potential to significantly alter the way we approach entry-level recruitment marketing. - Sam Turnpenny Early Talent Attraction Lead at Accenture

Lianne Greenland (Ex-Early Talent Attraction Specialist, EMEA at GSK) - Nestwork is solving our problems. We think Nestwork can become an important part of our recruitment strategy.

Stacey Greenwood (Early Talent Manager @ Samsung UK) - This is the most innovative idea I have seen in the 25 years I have been working in early talent!

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