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Assessment and Selection Design, Online Testing, Psychometric Testing

In the age of Generative AI, Arctic Shores gives you the power to accurately assess a candidate’s true human potential, without the fear of false results.

Our next-generation psychometric assessment uses 12,000 data points to uncover true potential, in a way the CV and traditional assessments no longer can.

Proven to counter natural bias during the recruitment process and build the diverse, successful workforce of tomorrow, our task-based assessment widens talent pools and unearths high-quality candidates in any economic climate.

We’ve given over 3 million candidates worldwide something different: a stress-free, unbiased candidate experience that truly rewards them for their time. Join the 350 talent disruptors leading the way in the CV-less hiring revolution, including Vitality, Molson Coors, Burness Paull, Amazon, TalkTalk and Siemens.

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