5 top tips to engage school students

May 19, 2021 | Apprentices & school leaver

Get your career opportunities for school students really noticed with top tips from Donna Mason, careers leader at Roding Valley High School.

Want to know how to get your career opportunities really noticed by school students? These five tips will get your messages to land at the right time, in the right format, in a language that students will take note of.


1. Start now!

Schools must plan their full year’s curriculum over the summer months. So if you want your virtual or live work experience opportunities built into the school calendar, give them plenty of notice.

2. Keep it simple

Job titles and job descriptions can be very difficult for students to understand, particularly if they don’t have access to knowledgeable parents and guardians or good careers advice. Make your language accessible and test your draft content with a student audience.

3. Tailor material

Employer’s pre-recorded videos about opportunities and the skills they require are valuable for students. The problem is that a lot of the videos available on some careers platforms are not always suitable for students. Create material tailored to school-based students.

4. Make it easy

Make it super simple for schools to work with and share your information and opportunities. Readymade material such as an email or information that can be forwarded directly on to students and parents or that can be easily added to a school bulletin saves everyone time.

5. Keep it short

Teachers are time poor and lots of schools have to use tutor time for careers information and advice. Anything that is short and up to 20 minutes long has a better chance of getting shared.

For your content to make maximum impact it needs to be in a format and language that schools can work with.  By planning in advance, tailoring your language to schools, and by talking to experienced careers leaders such as Donna in the schools you work with, you can be confident that your content will reach students.

Contact Donna for more advice and information dmason@rodingvalley.net

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