Covid bulletin #63: Unemployment rates fall

Sep 29, 2021 | Sector & policy

This is the 63rd of a series of bulletins produced by ISE to update members on key data and policy relating to Covid-19. This bulletin covers the period 17th September – 30th September 2021.

You can access all of the Covid-19 bulletins on ISE insights.


Latest COVID-19 data and news

Source: Government Covid-19 dashboard.

Please note September figures only include data until 24/09/21 for hospital admissions and 28/09/21 for cases and deaths.

The UK has now had over 7.7m identified Covid-19 cases and 158.7k deaths (with Covid on the death certificate) in total.

The following graph shows the average daily number of Covid-19 cases over the last 6 weeks. An interactive version of this graph that allows you to view average daily admissions and death rates is available here.

Source: Government Covid-19 dashboard.

Please note, hospital admissions data is currently only available up to 24/09/21 so the average daily hospital admission rate for the most recent week is based on data from 20/09/21 – 24/09/21.

In the last six weeks, figures for Covid-19 cases, deaths and hospital admissions have remained broadly stable. However, in the last couple of weeks, there appears to have been a downward trend in Covid-19 related hospital admissions.

Source: Government Covid-19 dashboard.

82.4% of the UK population of over 16s are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19, with another 7.3% having had one dose. One dose of a vaccine is now being offered to healthy children between 12 and 15. A third booster dose has also started being rolled out to the over-50s and younger adults with certain health conditions, beginning with the most vulnerable. There is currently no vaccine approved for use in under-12s.

  • Government announces winter Covid plan, with Plan A including further vaccinations, testing, border control and financial support to the NHS. If this is insufficient, advice to work from home and mandatory mask wearing will be re-introduced and vaccine passports may be considered.
  • Changes have been made to the rules for international travel – the traffic light system has been replaced by a single red list of countries, which still require passengers to stay in a quarantine hotel. Fully vaccinated passengers arriving into the UK from non-red countries do not have to isolate and can now use cheaper lateral flow tests for their Day 2 test. These changes come into place on 4th October 2021.



Labour market

The number of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) had been relatively stable since 2017, however a reduction has been observed within the last year – as shown in the following chart.

Source: Young People NEET government dataset

Unemployment measures people without a job who have been actively seeking work within the last four weeks and are available to start work within the next two weeks.

Economic inactivity describes those not in the labour force that are not seeking work or able to start work in the next two weeks.

An interactive version of this graph which allows you to explore NEET levels by gender and age is available here.

Changing patterns of work

Student recruitment and development



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