How to guide candidates’ use of GenAI

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Practical guidance on how to steer candidates to use GenAI in the recruitment process, from Arctic Shores.

It’s been well over a year since ChatGPT sparked a revolution in recruitment — and by now, most Talent Acquisition (TA) teams are clear on the benefits of an AI-enabled workforce:

● Embracing GenAI increases productivity
● It also levels the application playing field for neurodiverse candidates and those from less privileged backgrounds
● And it positions employers as progressive and innovative, enhancing their EVP and attraction strategies

But we’re also painfully aware of the pitfalls of poor AI usage: an overwhelming number of overly wordy or generic applications; and an incomplete view of the real candidate.

The solution is clear. We have to embrace candidates’ use of GenAI. But we also have to guide it.

We have to help candidates realise that a copy and paste answer from ChatGPT won’t cut it at work. And it definitely won’t cut it in the application process.

Arctic Shores – in collaboration with TA Disruptors from Siemens, HelloFresh University of Bristol, ISE, and many more – have created definitive guidance on managing candidates’ use of GenAI in the recruitment process.

Below are two templates from the guide, which employers can use today to help guide their candidates’ use of GenAI:

1. Copy to put on your career site
2. Coaching content to give to candidates

GenAI models, like ChatGPT, are powerful tools that can help candidates in various stages of their job applications. However, it’s important that they understand that they should be used to supplement to skills, experiences, and potential – not as a replacement.

Here are suggestions for coaching candidates through the hiring process.

How to use GenAI in the application stage

This stage involves completing an application form. We’ve included two examples of correct GenAI usage below, along with further more detailed examples.

1. Enhance your narrative: use GenAI to come up with ideas and structure your thoughts, but ensure the final application reflects your personal journey and skills. Examples:
● Ask GenAI to provide examples of how to describe leadership experiences, then personalise these examples with your own stories.

● Use GenAI to help you list relevant skills for the job, and then think about how you’ve demonstrated these skills in past experiences.

● If the form asks you a question about a time when you overcame a difficult problem, create a shortlist of problems and write down what you would say. Then ask ChatGPT to help you bring the story to life more articulately or to give you a better analogy for something you want to say.

2. Crafting your CV: GenAI can suggest current trends in CV formatting, but make sure to infuse it with your individual achievements and qualifications. Examples:
● Ask GenAI to show a variety of CV or application layouts. Choose one that suits your profile and customise it with your details.
● Use GenAI for suggestions on action verbs and phrases, but apply them to describe your unique accomplishments.

Navigating the assessment stage with GenAI

The assessment stage involves completing a psychometric assessment and interview. Again, we’ve detailed two examples of what correct GenAI usage looks like below.

1. Preparing for assessments

GenAI can give you an overview of different types of assessments (e.g. Aptitude Tests, or Situational Judgement Tests) and how to approach them. Examples:
● Ask ChatGPT about the best practices for time management in assessments. Then apply these tips without GenAI assistance.
● Ask for sample questions, then use them for practice – not for memorising answers.

2. Enhancing Interview Skills

Show GenAI the job description and ask it to generate mock interview questions. Reflect on these questions and prepare your responses based on your experiences. Examples:
● Practice with GenAI-generated questions for behavioural interviews. Compare your responses with recommended approaches, then personalise them.
● Seek suggestions on body language and communication tips for interviews, and practise these in mock sessions.

This is an excerpt from The ultimate guide to managing candidates’ use of GenAI.

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